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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a synonym for process?

Process synonyms. Top synonyms for process (other words for process) are procedure, method and treat.

What is a process?

Process: a usually fixed or ordered series of actions or events leading to a result. Synonyms: course, operation, procedure… Antonyms: recess, recession, regress…

What is the power process update?

Power process update. The power process is a theoretical process necessary to fulfill one's psychological need to exert power to fulfill goals, discussed in Theodore Kaczynski 's manifesto, Industrial Society and Its Future. Kaczynski suggested that the need to undergo the power process was biological, and used historical...

What is the meaning of proceeding?

Proceeding (usually plural) applies to what goes on or takes place on a given occasion or to the records of the occasion: proceedings of the Royal Academy of Sciences. We had a lot of new rules to process, there were a lot of positive tests and there was a fear factor for people who were flying again.

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