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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the IHI improvement map?

Given the evolution of IHI’s content and areas of focus, in addition to continously evolving clinical evidence and guidelines, the Improvement Map is no longer maintained and updated by IHI and the web-based tool has been deactivated. The IHI website has replaced the Improvement Map as the primary resource for more current content.

How useful is process mapping in healthcare practice?

Process mapping provides insight into systems and processes in which improvement interventions are introduced and is seen as useful in healthcare quality improvement projects. There is little empirical evidence on the use of process mapping in healthcare practice.

What is the improvement map?

The Improvement Map web-based tool was designed to bring together knowledge on key process improvements that lead to exceptional patient care.

How to create a process map?

How to create a process map Step 1: Identify the problem What is the process that needs to be visualized? Type its title at the top of the document. Step 2: Brainstorm activities involved At this point, sequencing the steps isn’t important, but it may help you to... Step 3: Figure out ...

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