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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microsoft Process Explorer?

Process Explorer is a freeware task manager and system monitor for Microsoft Windows created by SysInternals, which has been acquired by Microsoft and re-branded as Windows Sysinternals.

How do you clear Explorer Search history?

Step 1: Click in the search box of File Explorer. This will show the Search Tools. Step 2: Click the Search tab under Search Tools, then click Recent searches, and click Clear search history from the drop-down menu. After the search history is cleared, the Recent searches button turns gray.

How do you search history in explorer?

Step 1: Open the History menu. In Internet Explorer 11, click the star icon at the top-right of the window. Step 2: Search and sort Internet Explorer History. When the dialog box opens, click the History tab to view the web pages you’ve visited previously, ordered by date.

What is Ex File Explorer?

Explorer.exe is a safe file developed by Microsoft Corporation. The file is part of Microsoft Windows Operating System. The explorer.exe file is a Windows GUI shell, that is usually called Windows Explorer. Its graphical user interface lets you see your hard drives, folders, and files.

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