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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the equation for converting meters to feet?

Converting between feet and meters is straightforward: 1 meter = 3.28 feet; 1 foot = 0.305 meters. To make the conversion between inches and centimeters, you need these conversion factors: 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters; 1 centimeter = 0.394 inches. Using this information, you can convert your height in a two-step process.

How do you convert meters to feet?

The conversion factor to convert between meters to feet is 1.0 meter equals 3.281 feet. To convert one length unit to another, it is necessary to either multiply or divide by the given conversion factor. For example, to convert 5 meters to feet, one must multiply 5 meters by 3.281 feet, which results in 16.404 feet.

How do I convert meters to feet on Excel?

Step 1: In Cell C2 enter the formula =A2*12, and press Enter key. Step 2: Click the Cell C2, drag the fill handle across the ranges that you will fill this formula. Then you will see all foot measurement is converted to inches. You can apply the same way to convert the feet ( foot ) measurement to miles and meters with conversion factors.

How many feet are in a meter exactly?

Meter (metre) is a metric system base length unit. 1 Meter is equal to 3 feet and 3.3700787 inches. 1 meter = 3.280839895 feet. The symbol is " m ". Please visit all length units conversion to convert all length units.

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