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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of XY?

Noun 1. XY - normal complement of sex hormones in a male sex chromosome - a chromosome that determines the sex of an individual; "mammals normally have two... XY - definition of XY by The Free Dictionary

What is XY Magazine?

XY started as a gay male youth-oriented magazine and social network. [1] Its name is a reference to the XY chromosome pair found in males. XY published issue 50 in October 2016 (with its original staff) after an eight-year hiatus since 2008, [2] during which most of its staff published as B Magazine. [3]

What is the difference between XY and XXY in biology?

In the fruit fly individuals with XY are male and individuals with XX are female; however, individuals with XXY or XXX can also be female, and individuals with X can be males. In Abraxas XX is male while XY is female.

Who is XY’s father?

His father is the producer Bob Roth . XY is tall with light skin, blond hair styled to stick upwards, and blue eyes. He wears a purple camouflage headband that is tied in the back of his head. His jacket is purple, having white with a thin black line in the middle cuffs, bottom, and collar, and he wears it over a white t-shirt with a low collar.

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