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Frequently Asked Questions

Was Princess Diana a real princess?

Jimmy Choo: Princess Diana is a 'real princess'. Princess Diana was a "real princess", according to shoe designer Jimmy Choo. The 68-year-old Malaysian-born designer worked alongside the late royal for seven years until her death in 1997 and has praised her "good heart" and "down to earth" nature. He said: "She was real princess.

How did Princess Diana help people?

Princess Diana was one of the most popular royal figures of Britain’s history. Princess Diana helped people because she raised awareness of AIDS/HIV, land mines, domestic abuse, and so much more! One thing she did was auction off 79 of her dresses to raise money for cancer.

What did Princess Diana do to help the world?

Princess Diana helped people in several ways. Throughout her life she was very active in supporting and financing many charitable organizations. She helped underprivileged children, and drug abuse and AIDS victims. She also championed the AIDS awareness campaign. In 1987, she shocked the whole world by publicly shaking hand with an AIDS victim.

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