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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the 2020-21 Premier League champions?

Manchester City crowned 2020-21 Premier League champions; City's third title in four years under Pep Guardiola; City add Premier League glory to Carabao Cup success; attention now turns to Champions League bid Manchester City have been crowned 2020-21 Premier League champions after Manchester United's defeat to Leicester.

Who were the first teams to win the Premier League?

The first five champions in the Premier League era – Arsenal, Blackburn Rovers, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United – had all won the title at least once prior to 1992. Leicester City were champions for the first time in 2016, becoming the first team to win the Premier League without having previously won the First Division.

Who are the current EPL champions?

Manchester City are the Current EPL Champions. Most Premier League Champion Titles in history was won by Manchester United with 13 titles. Man City accumulated the most Premier League points – 100 – in season 2017-18. See every EPL Ladder and All-Time EFL Top Flight Winners.

Who won the most Premier League titles in the 21st century?

Manchester City and Chelsea (6 titles each) secured the majority of their titles in the 21st century. With the arrival of foreign investment and ownership, Manchester City (under owner Sheikh Mansour) won four league titles between 2012 and 2019, whilst Chelsea (under owner Roman Abramovich) won five league titles between 2005 and 2017.

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