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Frequently Asked Questions

Is GW2 just around the corner?

GW2 is just around the corner, so here are some tips from someone who finished in the top 10k last season and won’t be quiet about it. A new-look Everton looked wholly comfortable in their 1-0 win over Spurs, while West Brom looked about as comfortable as the bloke in the Boiler Man costume on a hot day.

Who are the top of the Premier League table?

Manchester United are top of the table after thrashing Leeds 5-1, and on Sunday they head to a Southampton side who already look in trouble. A buoyant Spurs head to Wolves, while Sunday’s late game is a London derby between Arsenal and Chelsea at the Emirates.

Why are Premier League fixtures being moved to 8 February 2020?

As part of the mid-season player break, five Premier League fixtures assigned to 8 February 2020 will be moved to the weekend commencing 15 February 2020. Fixture Changes Explained Sync Fixtures To Calendar.

Who was the most popular Premier League captain in GW1?

Auba was the game’s most popular captain in GW1, but it was a pair of Brazilians — Gabriel (£5.0m) and the excellent Willian (£8.1m) — who earned big points against Fulham. Thanks to the knee jerk brigade, both of those players have been transferred in more than 300,000 times this week.

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