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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 2020–21 Premier League?

The 2020–21 Premier League was the 29th season of the Premier League, the top English professional league for association football clubs since its establishment in 1992 and the 122nd season of top-flight English football overall.

How many teams are promoted in the Premier League?

The Premier League has promotion and relegation linked to the English Championship, the second tier. Three teams are relegated from the Premier League, and three teams are promoted from the Championship, each season. Forty-nine different clubs have competed since its inception, with Manchester United winning the most titles.

What's new in the Premier League table?

The Premier League table has been reset with the 20 clubs sorted in alphabetical order, while the Premier League's social media accounts now follow those of the three promoted clubs. All 20 clubs can now look forward to 09:00 BST on Wednesday 16 June, when they will discover their fixtures for the 2021/22 season.

Which Premier League clubs were relegated in 2020/21?

The three clubs who were relegated in 2020/21 - Fulham, Sheffield United and West Bromwich Albion - transfer back the share certificates that gave them Premier League status. The Premier League Board of Directors then confirm the cancellation of these shares.

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