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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I bill with Premier Health's MyChart?

With Premier Health’s MyChart your medical billing is made easy. Make payments, and view statements online and in one secure place. And if you still have any lingering billing questions, our billing customer support team can help you with that too. Simply log onto your MyChart account and click on the Billing tab to get started.

How do I Manage my MyChart account?

If you already have a MyChart account, log in to manage your health record, schedule an appointment, or pay a bill. If you're a patient of Premier Health, it's easy to register your MyChart account to manage your health record.

What is premierpremier health center?

Premier Health Center houses Premier System Support, the shared services division of Premier Health. We help make it possible for the system to provide consistent, effective health care services throughout the network. Premier Marketplace is managed by the Nutrition Services Department for Premier Health.

Why Premier Health’s SharePoint Online?

Through Premier Health’s SharePoint intranet, our physicians and other medical staff have access to IT resources and support, including educational information, physician/resident on-call schedules, Premier Health web applications and a range of help options for connecting and interacting with our IT systems through desktop and mobile devices.

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