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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fender TBX tone control circuit?

Like this one, which I’ve been meaning to explore for ages: the Fender TBX tone control circuit, which appears in several Custom Shop instruments, notably the Clapton signature Strats. Like the G&L PTB circuit I’m so apeshit about, it’s a 2-band passive tone control — but one that sounds very different.

How can I increase the bass cut on my TBX?

Replacing the TBX's stock resistor with a second capacitor will give you greater control over the amount of bass cut in the circuit. Swap a 220 kΩ resistor for the TBX's stock 82 kΩ shunt resistor for smoother operation in passive setups.

Is the TBX shunt resistor a tone resistor?

The TBX control was originally tone. But an 82 kΩ shunt resistor is something passive circuitry. After the Clapton signature there untouched—heaven knows why.

What is the difference between a PTB and a TBX?

The PTB is a two-knob circuit that lets you siphon off highs, lows, or both. I’m agog at how well it works with humbuckers — you can get so many cool sounds by rolling off lows on the way to a fuzz, as heard here. But TBX (it stand for “treble bass expander”) is a one-knob circuit, tbough that single knob rotates two stacked pots.

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