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Frequently Asked Questions

When was Premier Guitar founded?

Premier Guitar was founded in February 2007. Premier Guitar is published by Gearhead Communications, LLC, a privately owned company that is headquartered in Marion, Iowa. Premier Guitar also has offices in Nashville, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Peterborough, New Hampshire.

What is premierepremier guitar?

Premier Guitar is an American magazine devoted to guitarists. Founded in 2007, it is based in Marion, Iowa, and has an editorial staff composed of experienced musicians. Content includes instructional material, guitar gear reviews, and guitar news.

What is Premier Guitar magazine?

The magazine is published online for free, and includes multimedia such as instructional videos and podcasts Premier Guitar was originally published under the name Musicians Hotline through 2006. Premier Guitar was founded in February 2007.

What is a Multivox Premier Guitar?

Multivox Premier was a guitar and amplifier brand of New York-based retailer/wholesaler, Peter Sorkin Music Company (Sorkin Music) and its manufacturing subsidiary Multivox founded in the mid-1940s. Multivox Premier products included: guitars, amplification equipment for guitar, bass and other instruments, PA amplifiers and Hi-fi stereo amplifiers.

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