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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fits used as templates in ppxf?

The fits used as templates a subset of 24 (Ages)×6 ( [M/H])=144 MILES model spectra by Vazdekis et al. (2010), and 12 gas emission lines. pPXF is the most efficient, reliable and flexible public implementation of the so called "Full-Spectrum Fitting" method to study stellar populations.

What do I need to use ppppxf?

ppxf requires the scientific core packages NumPy, SciPy and Matplotlib, and the examples use Astropy to read FITS data (it was tested with Python 3.9 using Numpy 1.20, SciPy 1.6 and Matplotlib 3.3) . NOTE: I would appreciate if you drop me an e-mail (address at the bottom) when you download the above procedures.

What is the difference between ppxf and pafit?

pPXF: to extract the galaxy stellar or gas kinematics or stellar population from absorption-line spectra PaFit: to measure the global galaxy kinematical axis from integral field observations

What does ppxf stand for?

This software implements the Penalized Pixel-Fitting method (pPXF) to extract the stellar or gas kinematics and stellar population from absorption-line spectra of galaxies, using a maximum penalized likelihood approach.

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