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Frequently Asked Questions

What are powers and abilities?

Powers and Abilities 1 Mentality-based Powers. Powers which affect an individual's mind. ... 2 Physics or Reality Manipulation. These powers may be manifested by various methods, including: With some method of molecular control; By access to, or partially or fully shifting to another dimension; ... 3 Transportation or Travel. ...

What are powers centered on?

Concept: powers centered on an idea, allowing essentially any effect related to it. Examples: Boundary Manipulation , Subjective Reality , Absolute Existence Function : powers centered on what they do, usually specialized on relatively specific fields.

What are the powers of energy?

Ability to control or manipulate the elements. These powers deal with energy generation, conversion and manipulation. In addition to generic energy, versions of these powers exist that deal with such things as light, sound, electricity, nuclear energy, and the Darkforce dimension. Powers that involve changing location of oneself or others.

What are the super powers?

List of all Super Powers. Physical Anomaly +0.5 Plant Control +0.5 Portal Creation +0.5 Power Augmentation +0.5 Power Sense +2.5 Projection +0.5 Psionic Powers +0.5 Qwardian Power Ring +17.5 Radar Sense +2.5 Radiation Absorption +0.5 Radiation Control +0.5 Reality Warping +12.5 Regeneration +12.5 Seismic Power +1.5...

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