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Frequently Asked Questions

What powers does Poseidon possess?

The Powers of Poseidon. Poseidon was the Greek god responsible for natural and supernatural events, mainly the ones associated to the sea world and was the savior of ships. He possessed a trident which was so powerful that it could shake the earth.

What were Poseidon's powers?

Poseidon has hydrokinetic powers, controls the oceans, all water, horses and he also has the power to create earthquakes amongst others. Hades has control over the underworld, all souls and the dead. He has great power underground, being able to make tunnels. According to some accounts he's also the God of riches.

What are some myths about Poseidon?

The Poseidon MythsIn the Poseidon myths we learn that he was the god of the sea and of horses, brother of Zeus and Hades, and a bad-tempered, horny devil just like them. Poseidon in Greek mythology is sometimes depicted in true merman form with a fish's tail from the waist down.

How powerful is Poseidon?

Poseidon is probably the most powerful god in terms of sheer force. One of the things that the people love about Zeus most is his compassion. Poseidon powers extend to far more than just the oceans and seas. He has power over the weather and earthquakes as well.

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