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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Poseidons weaknesses and powers?

As a god, Poseidon possessed very few tangible weaknesses. The most prominent was his comparatively limited influence. He had no power over the air or land besides being able to cause earthquakes, and if he intruded into those realms, it would draw the ire of whatever other god held sway there.

What special powers does Poseidon have?

Poseidon has hydrokinetic powers, controls the oceans, all water, horses and he also has the power to create earthquakes amongst others. Hades has control over the underworld, all souls and the dead. He has great power underground, being able to make tunnels. According to some accounts he's also the God of riches.

What are Poseidon's powers and weapons?

Poseidon's weapon was a trident . It is a three pointed spear. The trident is the power of the ocean for Poseidon. It is also his weapon. The powers of Poseidon is that he was the god of the sea, sea animals, storms, earthquakes, and horses. He can control all of the sea. Poseidon is characterized similar to Zeus.

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