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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a Poseidon yacht charter?

Poseidon Charters is the premiere yacht charter in Turks and Caicos. Our focus at Poseidon Charters is to let you explore the beautiful waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands with your family and friends in style.

Which Aegean adventure charter is right for You?

Unique to Poseidon Charters, our cultural Aegean Adventure sailing tours and flotillas explore the best of the Greek islands. Which charter is right for you? Whether you’re new to the sea, or a seasoned sailor, Poseidon Charters offers yacht charter and sailing tours for everyone. For the experienced sailor.

What is the best Caribbean island to charter a yacht?

Made up of 50 lush islands, the BVIs have long been the number one yacht charter sailing destination in the Caribbean. Picturesque scenery and a fun-filled island atmosphere make them a haven for yacht charter enthusiasts and for first-time sailors enjoying sailing tours.

Where is the best place to charter a yacht in Europe?

The most sought-after yacht charter destination in Europe, Croatia boasts 1,000 miles of forested Adriatic coastline. Explore UNESCO heritage towns, spectacular Roman architecture and pristine national parks. Dine on succulent seafood and home-made pasta while celebrating some of Europe's best nightlife.

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