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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word portfolio Mean?

portfolio /pɔːtˈfəʊlɪəʊ/ n ( pl -os) a flat case, esp of leather, used for carrying maps, drawings, etc the contents of such a case, such as drawings, paintings, or photographs, that demonstrate recent work such a case used for carrying ministerial or state papers

What is the importance of having a portfolio?

What Are the Benefits of Having an Investment Portfolio?Diversification. Having an investment portfolio in and of itself is not necessarily beneficial. ...Potential. Without an investment portfolio, an individual may be unprepared for some of the major milestones in life.Income. ...Liquidity. ...

What do you mean by portfolio?

Portfolio A portfolio’s meaning can be defined as a collection of financial assets and investment tools that are held by an individual, a financial institution or an investment firm. To develop a profitable portfolio, it is essential to become familiar with its fundamentals and the factors that influence it. What is a Portfolio?

What is a good portfolio?

Growth stock portfolioDividend stock portfolioValue stock portfolioPassive investing stock portfolio (i.e. buying stock ETFs, mutual funds, or target funds)

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