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Frequently Asked Questions

Is C++ still a popular language?

C++ is still the fourth most popular programming language among employers as well. In conclusion, C++ will continue to remain popular and in high demand owing to its performance, reliability, and the wide variety of contexts in which it can be used.

Is C++ programming language popular in 2020?

Similarly, the “Very Long Term History” of programming language popularity in Tiobe Index, shows that C has always been at first two positions since 1985 whereas C++ has always been in top five positions. As per another industry analyst firm RedMonk , both C and C++ are in top 10 programming languages in January 2020.

Will the popularity of C++ continue to grow?

And the popularity of c++ remains for many more generations to come. Thank you for reading my answer. , A Learner never stops learning. I’ll share an article with you published by InfoWorld.

Is C programming still relevant?

After All These Years, the World is Still Powered by C Programming Despite the prevalence of higher-level languages, the C programming language continues to empower the world. There are plenty of reasons to believe that C programming will remain active for a long time.

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