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Frequently Asked Questions

Is pop music still popular?

Pop has owned the largest share of Billboard spots dating back to 2006, but has seen its popularity decline slightly since 2011. Meanwhile, rap has come on strong in the last two years. In fact, rap is on pace to occupy more than 30% of Hot 100 spots this year, higher than its previous peak in 2004.

What are the top 10 most popular names in America?

Rank Male name Female name; 1: Liam: Olivia: 2: Noah: Emma: 3: Oliver: Ava: 4: Elijah: Charlotte: 5: William: Sophia: 6: James: Amelia: 7: Benjamin: Isabella: 8: Lucas: Mia: 9: Henry: Evelyn: 10: Alexander: Harper

What is the most popular programming language in 2019?

The programming language that got the highest increase in ratings in one year time will win this title. Python is far ahead with a positive delta of +1.90% at the moment. Runner ups are C++ (+0.71%), R (+0.60%) and Groovy (+0.69%). Chances are very low that any language will come close to Python this last month of the year.

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