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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fundamental goals of political parties?

Identify the fundamental goal of major political parties in the political process. Elect people to office of their party. Gain control of the government. Influence policy. As long as you connect it to winning control of government/electing people to office. Gain a majority of seats in Congress.

What is the ultimate goal of every political party?

The ultimate goal is to get the person the party supports to win an election. While political parties do end up endorsing or supporting individual candidates, they do so because those people share very similar ideals and political positions of the entire party.

What is main purpose of a political party?

Verified answer. The main purpose of a political party is to win elections in order to control government and implement its policies. Political parties vie for the support of the public by opposing unpopular leaders from ruling parties, and unpopular policies of the same ruling parties and proposing new programs.

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