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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose a political party?

Choose Your Political Party. A voter registered without a party affiliation may only vote in nonpartisan races during a primary election. If all candidates in a race on the primary ballot have the same party affiliation and there is no opposition in the general election, all eligible voters may vote in the race, which is called a “Universal Primary.”...

What makes up a political party?

A POLITICAL PARTY: • A political party is made up of individuals outside the government, who share common political goals. • A party sponsors candidates for political office under the party’s label: Democrat, Republican, Green party etc. The goal of a party is to win elections, control the government and make policy.

What are two functions of political parties?

According to CliifsNotes, the main functions of the two major political parties are to represent interest groups, represent constituents, simplify choices and make policy.

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