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Frequently Asked Questions

How to activate policytech wordmoduleplus in Firefox?

Back in the document window or the main PolicyTech window, press Ctrl+Shift+A to open Firefox Add-ons Manager. Find PolicyTech WordModulePlus in the list, and then select Always Activate. Screenshot... Close and then reopen the PolicyTech document.

How to edit document content using word in policytech?

1. Edit document content using Word: o Select existing document and Create New Version from top menu. o Click Edit Document tab to use the full functionality of Word inside PolicyTech. Installation of WordModulePlus is required.

How do I download and install officemoduleplus?

Click PolicyTech WordModulePlus. Screenshot... In the document window's footer you should see a file called OfficeModule_Installer_Win32.msi downloading. When the download is finished, click the file name, and then click Yes when asked if you want to allow the installation program to make changes to your computer.

Do I need to install the wordmoduleplus module?

This module is required to edit documents within PolicyTech. If you are a reader / viewer, you do not need to install the module. To have the plug-in WordModulePlus installed, please contact your Local Support Provider.

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