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Frequently Asked Questions

What is policytech and how does it work?

PolicyTech allows employees to provide instant feedback to policy authors. When integrated with EthicsPoint® Incident Management software, administrators can create a disclosure form or survey, which employees can use to share any concerns or conflicts of interest.

Why automate your policy management program?

Automating your policy management program with PolicyTech gives your organization the tools it needs to keep policies up-to-date and accurate, while also providing seamless, traceable collaboration to increase speed, quality and consistency.

What is the best policy management software for hospitals?

The American Hospital Association exclusively endorses PolicyTech, NAVEX Global's Policy & Procedure Management Software. PolicyTech’s seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365® allows updates to existing policies and documents without the need to download documents or upload changes.

What languages does policytech come in?

Give your employees and administrators access to PolicyTech in the language of their preference. Professional comes in English (U.S. or U.K.) and 3 additional standard languages chosen by you. PolicyTech integrates with NAVEX Global’s EthicsPoint® Incident Management system, ensuring your policies are being read, understood and followed.

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