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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of the policytech administrator?

When PolicyTech was installed, at least one of your organization's users was designated as an administrator. The administrator has responsibilities and permissions to set up PolicyTech users and preferences and will know the web address for accessing PolicyTech.

How do I find a policy in policytech?

While viewing policies from the Public page or logged into PolicyTech as an administrator: o Browse the policies to locate the desired policy o Click on the policy to open the policy. Click on the overview tab. PolicyTech User Guide Page 15of 18 o Copy the Public Access URL PolicyTech User Guide Page 16of 18 Document Approval

What does policytech do at UMC?

University of Memphis Policy Review Board uses PolicyTech to create and manage system-wide policies, procedures and related documents.

How to access a document requiring approval in policytech?

PolicyTech User Guide Page 16of 18 Document Approval How to Access a Document Requiring Approval As an Approver, you can access a document in two ways: • In your email application, open the Approval Required message and click the link. • In PolicyTech, click MyTasks and find the document under Approve.

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