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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a policy in policytech?

While viewing policies from the Public page or logged into PolicyTech as an administrator: o Browse the policies to locate the desired policy o Click on the policy to open the policy. Click on the overview tab. PolicyTech User Guide Page 15of 18 o Copy the Public Access URL PolicyTech User Guide Page 16of 18 Document Approval

What is the policytech tools add-in for Microsoft Office?

The PolicyTech Tools add-in, which is available in the Microsoft Office Add-ins Store, enables insertion of document properties into a document as well as insertion of links to other PolicyTech content.

How to access a document requiring approval in policytech?

PolicyTech User Guide Page 16of 18 Document Approval How to Access a Document Requiring Approval As an Approver, you can access a document in two ways: • In your email application, open the Approval Required message and click the link. • In PolicyTech, click MyTasks and find the document under Approve.

What does policytech do at UMC?

University of Memphis Policy Review Board uses PolicyTech to create and manage system-wide policies, procedures and related documents.

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