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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The racial equity index?

The Racial Equity Index is the nation’s first-ever tool designed to support communities in advancing equity solutions by measuring the state of equity in the 100 largest U.S. cities, the 150 largest metros, and all 50 states on key indicators of prosperity and inclusion by race.

How does the Index measure inclusion and prosperity?

The Index is based on nine Atlas indicators scored separately for inclusion and prosperity. The inclusion score measures racial disparities, where a higher score indicates smaller racial gaps. The prosperity score measures outcomes for the total population, where a higher score indicates better results overall.

How does economic growth affect racial equity and inclusion?

While some of the regions with the most dynamic economies perform well on the Index, overall there is a weak relationship between traditional measures of economic development such as job growth, and racial equity and inclusion. Achieving racial equity requires improving conditions in the population centers where most people of color live.

What does the new index tell us?

New index reveals significant racial inequities even in the most prosperous cities and metros; provides data to help leaders develop targeted strategies for inclusive prosperity By Sarah Treuhaft, Abbie Langston, Justin Scoggins, Joanna Lee, and Manuel Pastor

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