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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose PolicyGenius for a living trust?

With Policygenius, you can create a living trust as part of your estate plan with easy-to-use, attorney-approved tools. With other kinds of trust, like an irrevocable trust, you relinquish your ability to cancel the trust or modify its terms, in return for certain benefits like minimizing income tax or protecting assets from creditors.

What insurance policies does PolicyGenius offer?

Policygenius is also considered an aggregation tool as they show options from several insurers. It means rather than providing insurance policies themselves, Policygenius only shows you insurance policies from other carriers and does not underwrite insurance policies directly. Term and whole life insurance. Pet insurance. Homeowners insurance.

What is policypolicygenius and how does it work?

Policygenius is an independent insurance broker. This means it isn’t locked into offering insurance from only one insurance company, unlike some other agents. That means it can offer its users several different plans from a range of providers.

Does PolicyGenius get good ratings on Trustpilot?

Policygenius has near-perfect ratings on Trustpilot, BBB, and Google. Here’s what our customers are saying. Policygenius has near-perfect ratings on Trustpilot, BBB, and Google.

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