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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of PolicyGenius?

Our mission is to help people get insurance right by making it easy for them to understand their options, compare quotes, and buy a policy, all in one place. Since 2014 we’ve helped over 30 million people shop for insurance and placed $120 billion in coverage. Policygenius is an insurance marketplace, not an insurance company.

Is PolicyGenius an insurance company?

Policygenius Inc. (“Policygenius”) is a licensed independent insurance broker. Policygenius does not underwrite any insurance policy described on this website. The information provided on this site has been developed by Policygenius for general informational and educational purposes.

Does PolicyGenius underwrite travel insurance?

Policygenius partners with insurance companies but doesn’t underwrite policies. It is to the insurance industry as Expedia is to the travel industry. Policygenius offers customers a range of price quotes through a relatively well-designed, easy-to-use online tool.

What is policypolicygenius' am best rating?

Policygenius itself doesn’t have an A.M. Best rating since it doesn’t actually issue insurance policies. When I entered my personal information into the quote tool, it showed me prices from the following companies (A.M. Best rating in parentheses):

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