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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PolicyGenius and how does it work?

Policygenius is an unaffiliated insurance broker, which helps users find the right policy for them and redirects them to their website. They offer an online tool which presents your best insurance options based on your specific information. Because Policygenius is independent, they can list a number of different companies on their website.

Is PolicyGenius a good life insurance agency?

Overall, PolicyGenius is a great life insurance agency for people who want to purchase term life insurance online. They make it easy to compare quotes from top-rated companies & buy a policy. You can also use their tools to find out how much life insurance you need & what type of policy to buy.

What is policypolicygenius' am best rating?

Policygenius itself doesn’t have an A.M. Best rating since it doesn’t actually issue insurance policies. When I entered my personal information into the quote tool, it showed me prices from the following companies (A.M. Best rating in parentheses):

What is your review of policy genius?

Policy Genius was great! They quoted a price at the onset and by the end of it all the price remained as quoted, which was sweet. They also were super helpful to any questions I had and with steering me through paperwork. They made my experience really smooth and pleasant.

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