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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the first overseas venture of PolicyBazaar?

About Us: is the first overseas venture of Policybazaar Group registered in Dubai. It is an online marketplace offering the best & lowest insurance & financial products in the UAE market. Read More...

What is a comprehensive car insurance policy in UAE?

A Comprehensive car insurance policy is a type of vehicle insurance in the UAE designed to ensure extensively wide coverage for your car protecting it from a variety of angles.

What is a travel insurance policy in the UAE?

A travel insurance policy is an insurance for your UAE trip that will protect you from any adversities. It will cover any unforeseen expenses that may arise due to any eventualities including hospitalization, loss of passport, medical evacuation to a hospital, personal accident, loss of passport and personal liabilities.

Is it mandatory to have health insurance in UAE?

Having health insurance in the UAE is mandatory. In case your employer does not provide a healthcare cover, you will have to buy one privately both for yourself as well as your family. The UAE medical insurance prices are exorbitant but the care provided is the best in the world.

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