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Frequently Asked Questions

How many numbers are in an insurance policy number?

This number can be found on the insurance card that you'll receive once your policy goes into effect. Both Progressive and Nationwide typically use nine-digit policy numbers that contain three digits, a dash, six more digits and an effective date.

Is the policy number the Member ID?

Different providers will list different pieces of data on their cards. Your policy number could be listed under any of several headings, but it should be relatively clear which is the primary number. It may be listed as a member number, a member ID, an identification number, a policy number, or something along those lines.

What is a policy number on an insurance card?

A policy number is assigned to a policy by an insurance company once you have purchased insurance from them. This number is a reference point for the insurance company. The number, varying in length depending upon the insurance company, will be listed on your insurance card.

Is policy number or group number same?

The policy numbers vary from the group numbers. Employee policy numbers are related with the group policy number. If you don't have the correct policy number, a health care professional may not be able to bill your health insurance giver. The appropriate policy number is required for accessing health coverage benefits.

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