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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a policy number on an insurance policy?

A policy number is a special number or code that connects an auto insurance policy to its person. After getting into an accident, this number is shared with the other individual in order for a claim to be filed.

Should I include all zeros in my policy number?

Unlike the string of numbers at the bottom of your check, any beginning or ending zeros should be included when giving a policy number. Not all insurance companies have flexible search capabilities for their databases, so giving an incomplete entry won’t return any results.

What do I do if my policy numbers don't match?

If the two policy numbers don’t match and your own insurance company can’t help, your best place to go next is a local independent insurance agent. Independent agents represent many companies, oftentimes more than 10, and have experience working with competing companies.

Why do insurance companies put letters in policy numbers?

Some companies use letters in their policy numbers as state identifiers or to specify policy type. While you may see something like this insurance policy number example “CAPD 123456789,” you shouldn’t ever see a mixture of letters and numbers like “12B64F8332XA984Y.”

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