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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between 8021x_reqd and l2auth complete?

8021X_REQD —Client must complete 802.1x authentication. L2AUTHCOMPLETE —The client has successfully finished the L2 policy. The process can now proceed to L3 policies (address learning, Web auth, etc).

What happens when a client completes the required L2 and L3 policies?

RUN —Client has successfully completed the required L2 and L3 policies and can now transmit traffic to the network. This figure shows a simplified PEM state machine with the client transitions until it reaches the RUN state, where the client can now send traffic to the network:

What happens when the client reaches the run state?

When the client reaches the RUN state, the client information is sent to the NPU in order to enable FastPath switching, which does a cable-rate forwarding of the user traffic to the client VLAN and frees the central CPU of user data forwarding tasks. The traffic that is forwarded depends on the client type that is applied to the NPU.

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