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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between policy and law?

A policy is a principle that guides decision making, while a law is a rule enforced by an institution. Although laws and policies serve different purposes, ETU explains that both are used to maintain order in society. ... A policy is informal in nature and is typically a document that states the intentions of an institution, while laws are more formal in nature and are used to offer equity in society, as explained by ETU.

What is the difference between policy and legislation?

Key Difference: A policy is a document that outlines what a government is going to do and what it can achieve for the society as a whole. It also outlines any and all methods and principles that the government or any entity, for that matter, will use to achieve its directive. ... Legislations also require a voting to ensure that they are passed, while policies can be decided by the government or the head of the organization.

What is law and public policy?

The Law & Public Policy Program is: A series of courses in how public policy is shaped and implemented. An integrated learning community engaged in a collaborative exploration of theory, practice and professionalism. An academic enrichment program that helps students move to the next level in their development as a professional.

What is the definition of policies?

A policy is a statement of intent, and is implemented as a procedure or protocol. Policies are generally adopted by a governance body within an organization. Policies can assist in both subjective and objective decision making.

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