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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a dispatch policy?

1.0 PURPOSE 1.1 This policy was created to establish parameters of receiving and processing calls for service. 2.0 SUMMARY 2.1 This policy will define the dispatchers responsibilities while answering emergency and non-emergency telephone calls while on duty. 3.0 POLICY

Where does the dispatcher enter the code for dispatch?

The dispatcher enters the code into the C.A.D. system and the closest available unit with the requested equipment is recommended for dispatch. 3.0 POLICY

How many times should the dispatcher ask the alerting unit to report?

4.0 PROCEDURE 4.1 When an Emergency ID is activated, the dispatcher will perform the following: 4.1.1 Ask the alerting unit to report, this will be attempted three times. STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES Page 59of 108 BUCKS COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS SOP #6-633 Revision: 2 Effective Date: October 18. 2015

What does a dispatcher need to know?

Dispatchers also need to know department policies and procedures, the basic elements of crimes, local geography and available resources. Dispatchers are an integral part of the law enforcement team. They play a vital role in aiding people in trouble, stopping crime, preventing crime, investigating crime and ensuring the

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