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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Hillsborough County police report?

You can identify the report and order it online at the Record's Section of the Sheriff's Office website. What's in a Hillsborough County Police Report? A police report may refer to a report put together by investigating offers at a motor vehicle crash. The report summarized the information the police obtained about the accident.

What are Hillsborough County's public records?

In compliance with Chapter 119 of the Florida Statute statutes, Hillsborough County provides the public with government-generated public records, including arrest records, criminal records, sex offender information, vital records, and court records. These records are kept both online and offline, depending on the record custodian.

Where can I find a sex offender in Hillsborough County?

This registry is publicly available and searchable on the website of FDLE. The search tool on the website allows anyone to find a sex offender by name or show a list of sex offenders and predators in and around the various neighborhoods, schools, and college campuses of Hillsborough County. How Do I Visit an Inmate in Hillsborough County Jail?

How do I get a birth record in Hillsborough County Florida?

The Bureau of Vital Statistics of the Florida Department of Health keeps birth records for Hillsborough County. However, these are private until after 100 years. Persons with direct relation to the record should mail a birth record application along with a $9 check or money order to the county site at:

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