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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my child is poisoned?

If your child has had a significant poisoning, any symptoms that develop will depend on a number of factors, such as which medicine or chemical is involved and how much the child has been exposed to. fitting.

What is accidental poisoning in toddlers?

Accidental poisoning is common, especially among toddlers aged between one and three years. Children explore their environment as part of their normal, natural development. They learn about new things by playing with them – trying to open containers, mimicking what they see siblings or adults do – and by putting things in their mouth.

What is the most common cause of poisoning among young people?

The most common cause of poisoning by other substances was insect bites and spider bites The highest rate of poisoning by pharmaceuticals was seen in 15–17 year old girls (589 cases per 100,000) Almost two-thirds (63%) of poisoning cases among young people aged 15–24 were due to intentional self-harm

How often do accidental poisonings from medicine hospitalise children?

Accidental poisonings from medicine hospitalise children every year. Find out more about safe use of medicines around children. Skip to main content Learning & CPD About us Contact us Log In Register Menu Home COVID-19 COVID-19 During the COVID-19 pandemic, you need to continue to take your usual medicines and stay as healthy as possible.

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