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Frequently Asked Questions

How can planetplanet home lending help you?

Planet Home Lending will assign you a single point of contact that will guide you through your options and help you during a difficult period. As all state and federal agencies recommend, the most important thing you can do if you are having trouble making the payments is to call your mortgage loan servicer.

Where can I find Planet Home lending's address?

Planet Home Lending, LLC. 321 Research Parkway Suite 303. Meriden, CT 06450. If your check or money order does not include your address and a telephone number where we may call you if necessary, please include this information with your check or money order.

Why do mortgage companies ask for hazard insurance?

Because mortgage companies are lending you the money to pay for your home, they want to make sure their investment is protected. Therefore, they will ask for hazard insurance because that is the segment of your homeowners insurance policy that covers their investment: the home itself.

What fees will I be assessed by Planet Home lending?

The following is a list of fees that you may be assessed by Planet Home Lending, LLC (“Planet”) depending on the terms of your loan, your use of services offered to our customers, and applicable laws. 1 Assessed if your payment is not received before the expiration of the grace period stated in your loan documents.

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