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Frequently Asked Questions

How are placements at C-DAC PG-ditiss Pune?

How are placements at C-DAC PG-DITISS? Pune cdac: which is best centre for DITISS course,placement is around 90–96% Bangalore electronic city:2nd best centre ,placement is around 85-90%.

Which is the best CDAC in Bangalore for placements?

Its depend on in which cdac college you got placed.CDAC pune ,sunbeam pune,KP Bangalore ,VITA ,ecity Bangalore have good placements.CDAC pune is best. You will get may opportunities in cdac for placements,but before that you have to work hard.

How many companies visit C-DAC campus for placements?

More than 300 companies visit C-DAC campus all over the country in each Campus Placement Programme. What is the help extended to the students for placements? Placement support is provided to the students for all the courses through centralized National level Common Campus Placement Programme (CCPP).

How does C-DAC help students in the placement process?

We try to attract maximum companies to the campus to provide job opportunities to the students. While the entire process is governed by the student’s ability and performance, as well as the requirements and norms of the IT Industry, C-DAC catalyze the process and assist the students in their placements. When does the Placement Activity begin?

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