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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is piratepirate?

Pirate active from Nova Scotia to the Caribbean to the African coast. He is best known for his association with Edward Low and Francis Spriggs, and for his involvement with two well-known and well-documented maroonings . Active in the Indian Ocean, best known for sailing with Edward England , Olivier Levasseur, and Richard Taylor .

Why choose Pirate Studios Los Angeles?

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, our specialist Los Angeles studios are the perfect place to create, write, produce, practice and mix with no distractions. At Pirate we have plenty of studio spaces ready for your next project: Book and pay by the hour using our easy live calendar.

How can I download my work from the Pirate Bay?

Then people can download your work. There are a few pages on Facebook related to the Pirate Bay. In order to access any of them, follow these steps: Step 1: do a search for the Pirate Bay on the Facebook search engine. You will be prompted to a list of pages that have info about the Pirate Bay.

What is Pirate Weekend?

Weekend pirate event with 100's of pirates ready to entertain, food, shopping and a whole day of fun. Rogues, Skallywags and the residents of New Providence are invited to enjoy Fyne Food, Grog and Ales, Stages with Entertainment, Canon demonstrations and more.

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