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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the national flag of Mexico?

The national flag of Mexico is a vertical tricolour with equal-sized stripes of (from the left) green, white and red. The Mexican coat of arms is placed in the center.

What does the color red mean on the Mexican flag?

The Flag Law of Mexico offers no symbolism to the colors though it is stated that the red has to be “encarnado” (flesh-colored-red). Also, the Mexican flag is quite similar (minus the coat of arms) to the Italian tricolour. However, the shades in the former are darker, particularly the green.

How big is a 5 PCs Mexican flag sticker?

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When did Mexico stop using the flag?

This flag was discontinued in 1864 upon the dissolution of the first federal republic. The third national flag was that of the Second Mexican Empire. Once again, the national flag used the green, white and red tricolor pattern with the white stripe being charged with the national arms.

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