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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best car seat stroller combo?

The Graco FastAction SE Travel System is a great car seat stroller combo from one of the leading brands in the industry. This rear-facing travel system is 25 percent smaller than the prior generation model when folded close and self-standing.

Can a car seat turn into a stroller?

Unlike a traditional two-piece travel system, this is essentially a rear-facing car seat on wheels, able to turn into a stroller in seconds. Because this car seat and stroller combo is a single piece, you have less gear to contend with.

Can you put an infant carrier in a stroller?

Click the infant carrier into the stroller or turn the toddler seat into an infant bassinet and let your baby’s nap happen while you're out and about. The baby’s seat is reversible, so they can face you or outwards in both the infant carrier and toddler’s seat formations.

What are infant car seats and stroller bundles?

Designed to make toting your tot around easier and safer, infant car seats and stroller bundles are the go-to way to secure your most important baby gear pieces.

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