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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pima Medical Institute online?

Pima Medical Institute’s online division offers high-quality programs that are 100% online and designed to fit into your schedule. We make it possible for you to balance work, school and life. Just because you’re taking courses online doesn’t mean you get less experience.

What is Pima Medical?

From the very first semester, Pima Medical provides a hands-on learning environment with courses in this program that focus on the critical steps of sterilization, microbiology and infection control, infection control practices and providing equipment access to the rest of the medical team as needed.

What was your experience at Pima Medical School like?

Going to the school at Pima Medical was an amazing experience. Even though my classes started during COVID and were over Zoom, they brought us in to do hands-on lab work in small groups and I finally got to meet my instructor. She really helped prepare me for my externship experience.

Why did you choose Pima Medical Institute's Occupational Therapy program?

Coming to Pima Medical Institute's Occupational Therapy Program is one of the best decisions I've ever made. It was the right place and the right field for me and I love my job!

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