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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Petite dress mean?

Though petite technically means “short,” length is not the only difference between misses and petite clothing sizes. In clothing, petite dresses and skirts are shorter than standard sizes and have smaller waist measurements. Pants are shorter with a smaller waist and also a shorter rise.

What is a petite wedding dress?

For brides who are short in stature and narrow at the waist — otherwise known as petite — wedding dresses that create the illusion of a long torso are ideal. The key to finding the most complementary dress for petite brides-to-be is all in the details, particularly, four specific silhouette styles that help create a long and lean stature.

What is the length of Petite dress?

Micro dress. Typical dress Length: 30''-32'', 76-82 cm. Typical dress Length: 34''-35'', 86-88 cm. Typical dress Length: 41''-43'', 90-92 cm. Typical dress Length: 39''-40'', 99-102 cm. Typical dress Length: 39''-40'', 104-109 cm. Typical dress Length: 45''-47'', 114-119 cm. Typical dress Length: 55''-57'', 140-144 cm.

What is petite dress size?

Plus Size Petite Dresses are dresses that are made for plus size women who are shorter than around 5'4". If you are 5'4" or under, you know the hassle of searching for a dress that is not too long, or the aggravation of having to have it hemmed.

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