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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy tires at Pete's Tire Barns?

Tires for Play No matter what tires you are looking for, Pete's Tire Barns has you covered. With 20 locations in New England, we can help you with you retail passenger, light truck tires, commercial fleet services, farm, forestry & agricultural, industrial or even retreading tire needs.

Who is Pete’s tires?

WE OWN SERVICE. Since 1969 Pete’s has specialized in tire sales and mechanical services for Trucks, RV’s, Forklifts and Construction Equipment; with 24 hour tire sales and service and 9 drive in locations throughout Southern California. ARMSTRONG IS BACK! PETE’S IS YOUR SOURCE!

How many Tire Barns locations are there in New England?

Pete’s Tire Barns operates twenty two convenient locations throughout New England. Comments are closed.

What is the Tire Barns?

Pete’s Tire Barns is only in one business, the tire business. We have a experienced team of tire professionals dedicated to providing farmers, tractor restoration companies and farm equipment owners with accurate tire information and advice on choosing the right tire.

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