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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best pet insurance plan?

Pets Best: The main plan from Pets Best covers accidents and illnesses for cats and dogs with no age restrictions on enrollment. This plan has three levels: Essential, Plus, and Elite. Going up the tiers adds benefits like covering exam fees for accidents and illnesses and coverage for rehab.

Is pet insurance worth the cost of premiums?

Pet insurance is definitely worth it if you have a pet from a breed with a predisposition to chronic illnesses. Generally, the earlier you obtain the insurance, the lower the premiums and deductibles. Pet insurance can also be a good idea if you love your pet, but can't afford the thousands of dollars that an emergency could potentially cost.

Are pets covered under homeowners insurance policy?

First, you need to understand that dog bites are only covered under the liability portion of a homeowner's insurance policy. Since liability coverage is only intended for other parties that are injured on your property, your immediate family and household residents won't be covered.

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