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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pcv3 and why is it important?

Porcine circovirus 3 (PCV3) is a newly identified virus that belongs to the genus Circovirus in the family Circoviridae. Since the first identification of PCV3 in domestic swine in 2016 in the USA, exciting progress on PCV3 has emphasized the importance of the virus.

What is PCV1 and PCV2?

PCV1 was identified in 1974 as a contaminant in a pig kidney cell line. In 1997, PCV2 was recognized as the cause of a novel wasting disease affecting Canadian pigs. In 2016, PCV3 was detected in tissues from sows from North Carolina that died acutely with PDNS-like clinical signs and aborted fetuses.

Is pcv3 a subclinical pathogen of swine?

PCV3 is an emerging pathogen of swine with potential economic importance, per SHIC’s updated PCV3 Fact Sheet. It has been associated with signs similar to those caused by PCV2. However, many infections seem to be subclinical, and PCV3 pathogenicity studies have had mixed results.

Does pcv3 produce cytopathic effect on infected monolayers?

PCV3 did not produce cytopathic effect on infected monolayers, therefore PCV3 infection was confirmed by in situ hybridization with a PCV3 specific DNA probe. Electron microscopy was used to analyze cell culture for the presence of virus.

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