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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose pchrome chrome spray kit?

You are also not limited by the size of the piece you want to chrome. Because a PChrome chrome spray kit does not require the use of hazardous acid baths like traditional chrome-plating does, you can also feel good about having a smaller footprint on the environment. We offer two kits so that you can choose the one that is right for you.

What is the difference between pchrome and other companies?

PChrome comes to you a few days old while others are selling product that has sat in warehouses and ships often for months. Freshness counts when you are looking for brilliance. PChrome offers spray chrome kits in a variety of sizes, including artist starter kits and professional kits.

What is the pchrome artist starter kit?

Our smaller kit, the PChrome Artist Starter kit is perfect for people who have smaller projects or who want to try out our spray on chrome kit before purchasing our larger system. The kit comes in two sizes with one providing 25 square feet of coverage and the other providing 50 square feet of coverage.

What is the best way to get technical support from ppchrome?

PChrome offers five different colors and is compatible with many tints that are available in the industry. It has excellent technical support via email, phone and video. Customers do not need to buy any separate equipment as the kits contain everything that you need.

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