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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I train ID provider staff in PCHC?

Welcome to PCHC's online training library for ID Provider Staff! To begin a training, click the training image in the Training column or the Take this training link in the Description column and then follow the directions given. Once you have completed a training, you may generate/print your certificate.

What kind of community health training is offered at PCHC?

PCHC is committed to providing community health training to all agencies and county staff in the Southeast Region of Pennsylvania. We offer trainings in: Behavioral Health, Physical Health and Public Health. Please complete the Training Event Registration Form below to register for one of our trainings.

What is PCHC burn management?

The PCHC Burn Management training will help trainees to identify different types and the severity of burns. What first aid steps should be taken to help a victim of a burn and when a burn should be evaluated by a doctor will be explained during the training. Trainees will also lean about some common complications of burns.

When do I need to complete training for a personal care home?

This training must be completed before you can begin to provide unsupervised activities of daily living at a personal care home in accordance with § 2600.65 (d) (2) and (d) (3) (relating to direct care staff person training and orientation). What is a personal care home?

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